SHAZAM 11 Reference Manual

The SHAZAM Reference Manual is the definitive guide to modelling and prediction with SHAZAM Econometrics, Statistics and Analytics Software.
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The SHAZAM Econometrics Software User's Manual Version 11 is more than 550 pages packed with information, examples, sample commands and explanations of all aspects of SHAZAM. 

Much more than a regular manual, this book is also a practical guide to data analysis, econometrics and statistics using modern methods of estimation and forecasting.

A free electronic eBook copy of this Reference Manual is available to be downloaded here.  A copy is provided with all copies of SHAZAM 11 software and Print copies can be ordered here.

SHAZAM User’s Reference Manuals ordered here are sent by Priority Mail.  Delivery times are:

Delivery Times (in Business Days)
US 2-5 days
Canada/Latin America 7-11 days
UK 1-2 days
Europe 3-5 days
Australia 2-5 days
Worldwide 5-12 days