SHAZAM Analytics Ltd fully respects your personal privacy.  The following paragraphs describe the collection of industry standard information enabling us to provide you with better products and services.


When purchasing our software products you, or any third-party (partner or reseller) arranging your purchase on your behalf, will be required to submit to us certain personal information (such as your name,organization name, email address, postal address, and shipping address).  This information is saved in the SHAZAM Store and required for generating licenses, distributing orders, invoices, receipts, purchase orders, software, shipping manuals and determining any discount qualification.  

Payment card billing information is not stored on our systems. It is entered securely only on the servers of Realex Payment Systems( Realex Payments handles all card payments in real-time on our behalf.

If your purchase is arranged through a third party then that information is outside the control of SHAZAM Analytics Ltd and we are not responsible for any alternative use or distribution of that information by that third party.

It is entirely at your discretion if you opt-in to join one of our mailing lists when you purchase our software.  If you do then you must submit your name and email address.  Individuals on our mailing lists may periodically receive informative emails about new SHAZAM products, upgrades, features, or promotions. You may remove yourself from our mailing lists at any time by logging into your user account and changing your mailing list preferences.

If you choose to participate in the SHAZAM Community thenplease read the SHAZAM Community Privacy statement located at


We track visits to our web site and create non-personal statistics via Google Analytics.  This information is used solely for creating statistical reports on our web page usage.

Software downloads are monitored so that each successful download increases a counter on our servers to ensure downloads do not exceed the maximum allowed for a license type.

Product Activation technology, where used, returns only license related information related to the order that the software was purchased upon.


We do not share your personal information with third parties. Any information submitted to us will not be subsequently released, sold or rented to any third-party individual or company and is kept strictly internal to us, unless otherwise required by law. 


Whenever collecting personal information for purchases (such as your address or credit card number) you are transferred to Realex Payments servers.  No personal information is passed by us to Realex Payments.  The only information passed to Realex Payments throughout the transaction is your unique order number.  Throughout the payment transaction Realex Payments uses an encryption protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to handle all data transferred over the Web.  This method is an industry standard for protecting the privacy and integrity of transferred personal information.  Realex Payments security statement can be found at

If you have any questions about SHAZAM Analytics Ltd’s treatment of your privacy, please contact us at