SHAZAM Professional Edition 11 - New License

The Professional Edition is a complete environment for working with SHAZAM.
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The Professional Edition supports both command-driven and menu-driven execution of SHAZAM analytical techniques.

SHAZAM 11 is faster and more powerful

  • Automatic Parallelization across all processor cores - future proof your analytical software

  • 32 bit and 64bit versions included for Windows XP or later - move to 64 bit computing when you are ready

  • The most precise Econometrics and Statistics Software available - SHAZAM supports Double and Quadruple Precision Modes

  • Massive Memory Support - the 64bit version will handle even your largest analytical tasks

SHAZAM 11 is easier to use

  • True Menu-driven Operation - operate all SHAZAM analytical techniques through menus, windows and dialog boxes 

  • Reference Manual eBook - includes a fully searchable electronic version of the excellent SHAZAM 11 Reference Manual

  • Data Management Improvements - simplified Data Connector and support for XLSX

  • SHAZAM Wizards - available for all SHAZAM analytical techniques

SHAZAM 11 has numerous new features including

  • Quadratic Programming - solve bounded or unbounded problems with or without inequality or equality constraints

  • Simulated Annealing - solve single or multiple equation nonlinear models

  • Automatic Starting Point Locator for Optimization - find global rather than local maxima or minima quickly

  • Improved Graphing - smooth rendering, new styling and customization options

  • Examples - hundreds of new and updated examples for the latest textbooks

Single License

A Single License of SHAZAM can be installed either for all users on a single computer OR all the computers owned and operated by a single user. 


Site License

Site License of SHAZAM allows multiple copies of the software to be made available to employees, staff and students of a company, organisation or institution to be installed on computers at a single address. There is No Annual Fee to pay to maintain a SHAZAM Site License.  In addition Site License holders may take advantage of SHAZAM Sublicensing to create Single Licenses from their SHAZAM Store Account for their employees, staff or students to use on their own personal computers.  

The maximum number of users is determined by the License Type as indicated below. To order a Government or Commercial License for more than 5 users please contact us at for a quotation.