SHAZAM Standard Edition 10.2

The Standard Edition is the command-driven Windows version of SHAZAM.
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The Standard Edition of SHAZAM supports command-driven execution of SHAZAM analytical techniques and includes:

  • Estimation of Linear and NonLinear Models
  • Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals
  • Systems of equations, GMM, 2SLS, 3SLS
  • ARCH and GARCH
  • Logit, Probit, Tobit
  • Simultaneous Equation Modelling
  • Panel Data Methods
  • Analysis of Time Series and Cointegration, ARIMA
  • Financial Econometric Modelling
  • Forecasting
  • Programming with an Advanced Matrix Language
  • Integrated Graphing

Please see the Summary of SHAZAM features or Download the Trial version.

Includes a FREE print copy of the SHAZAM Econometrics Software User's Reference Manual.

Single License

A Single License of SHAZAM can be installed either for all users on a single computer OR all the computers owned and operated by a single user

Site License

A Site License of SHAZAM allows an unlimited number of copies of the software to be made available to employees, staff and students of a company, organisation or institution at a single address. There is No Annual Fee to pay to maintain a SHAZAM Site License.  In addition Site License holders may take advantage of SHAZAM Sublicensing to create Single Licenses from their SHAZAM Store Account for their employees, staff or students to use on their own personal computers.